Community Transformation Center of Santa Cruz

Invest in Transformation


The Invisible World


  1. There are many opportunities to invest in this new and exciting meta-movement based on transformation and transformative networking to make our collective vision real.  The organism model of this meta-movement gives different levels for investors, all of which serve and support our community through collaborative transformation.

  2. You can invest in this community social-profit (non-profit) foundation of the organism to help stabilize the center while it is getting started, or you can invest in four opportunities for the business for-profit branch.

  3. Non-profit investors are also official members with automatic contributions set at a minimum level that count as tax deductible donations and are not paid back like investments.   At the end of the month, any funds needed that aren’t fundraised are divided by the number of investors to ensure the bills are paid even if fundraising falls behind schedule.  In other words, you can only give the non-profit the exact amount of money that is needed to meet the bill at the end of the month, which will be divided by all the investors.  Investors are used as a back up plan so that if the money isn’t fundraised before stabilization or because of a bad month, rent and other needed bills can still be paid, to keep everything moving forward.  Non-profit investors can set a maximum amount they invest for the month to make sure you know we will never ask you for more than you are willing to give.

  4. All investments into the non-profit to make up monies not fundraised and will be paid back in full with no interest.  Interest will be calculated and documented as a tax-deductible donation at the time the investment is paid back.  If you are not interested in getting your money back then simply give a tax-deductible donation instead of investing in the non-profit.  If getting your money back makes you feel better about giving money to this meta-movement then this is the perfect option for you, and if your not sure weather or not you will need your money back, then you can decide when we are ready to give it back to you.

  5. There are three different levels to invest into on the business branch of the organism.  You can invest directly into BJC and receive a % of all profits forever.  You can buy stocks from BJC Services Incorporated, and to get your investment back simply sell the stock.  Or you can give a direct loan to BJC Services Incorporated to be paid back with fees and/or interest according to the agreement that you set.  When investing into the business branch, you can invest all the money upfront or over-time, and organizational membership isn’t necessary.

  6. All investments are considered risks with your return based on the success of the non-profit or the business in which you are investing.  Please read the bio on Jay (Blas Jacob), the Community LIFE Network, and BJC Services Incorporated to understand exactly who and what you are entrusting your money into.  There is no doubt that your investment will be returned with value, and that this is one of the most important investments you can make at this crossroad in history where our society, civilization, and the earth itself, needs all the help it can get to transform into an evolved civilization that we all know we are ready to become.